Term 2 opening day highlights

Well, one group has gone and new has come. It sure is looking to be a great 2nd term already. Checkout the opening day highlights ...

Term 1 tribal results

Here is the final video from our fantastic first term. We will miss you guys!

Parent Highlight from last night

It was a ton of fun meeting and greeting all the parents that came through the gates of K-1 last night. We are very thankful that you were able to get a small taste of Kamp and K-Life and share in the fun we've been having all term. In fact, one parent even provided one of the more memorable moments of the evening. Check it out ...

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What are you going to miss about Kamp?

Kamp has come and gone and for all of our Kampers leaving us we are only 11 months and 2 weeks away from seeing you again. In the meantime, here's a reminder of what you will miss about Kamp when you head back home. I know what we will miss, you all having tons of fun!

Term 1 Honor Cabin Trip

Well, it may be the last day, but that's not stopping us from having a great time. Check out the video for our Honor Cabin trip. These guys and gals had the cleanest cabins all term long, way to go!!!

It's a shipwreck!

Check out the highlights from K-1's shipwreck party. It was a ton of fun! Wish you all could have been here too!

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The Big Cabin Message Finale

Here are all the rest of the cabin messages from our first term at Kamp. What a blast it has been!

Girls Cabin 15

Boys Cabin 19

Girls Cabin 4

Boys Cabin 3

Girls Cabin 14

Boys Cabin 14

Girls Cabin 13

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Even More Cabin Messages!!!

Boys cabin 16

Boys cabin 18

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All Access Pass: Baseball

Check out the latest all access pass segment - baseball.

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More Cabin Messages!!!

Girls cabin 2

Boys cabin 15

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